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Matlab GMT stem
colorbar psscale
contour(X,Y,Z) grdcontour
contourf(X,Y,Z) pscontour -I
pcolor(X,Y,Z) grdimage
plot(X,Y,’k') psxy -Wblack data.xy
quiver(X,Y,U,V) psxy -Sv data.xyAr
plot(X,Y,’rx’) psxy -Wred -Sx.4i data.xy
text(X,Y,’Hello world’) pstext


  • pswiggle: to plot anomalies along a track, e.g. altimeter signals along the track, or waterfall plots of temperature and salinity profiles
  • makecpt: to make a colormap
  • ps2raster: convert your *.ps file into another file format (e.g. *.png)
  • pscoast: Plots coastlines with options to shade the land or outline the coasts, and/or add rivers. Probably has an m_map equivalent.

See the full list of GMT functions on the html man pages: