The ten most popular Pizzas

The love of Pizza runs through the Americans lifetime. From childhood dinner, to physical supplements after college night clubs, to comfort food after adulthood. More than 25% of American boys aged 6-19 eat at least one pizza a day.

According to a USA Today 2017 survey, cheese pizza is the most common food for college students.

Among the American TV dramas, the favorite of the hedge fund Bobby is the pizza in the poor neighborhood where he lived:
Let Tina Fey climb to the top of the American comedy’s <30 Rock>, Liz Lemon’s specialty is to eat a pizza in one bite:

Joey in Friends also loves:

In American universities, whenever there is a FREE PIZZA, the reaction of the masses must be sauce:

Therefore, many activities that require popularity and new professors will use free pizza as a highlight of the promotion.

After all, who can refuse the soft, sticky and slightly resistant taste of pizza!

When you are hungry, come to a pizza, and you will be full of blood in a flash!

According to the survey, pepperoni (salt) pizza is the favorite species of Americans. Basil leaves, parsley, buffalo mozzarella, ketchup, plus plenty of Pepperoni.

Pepperoni is an American variant of Italian salami sausage. The Italian brought the salami to the United States, and the Americans invented a generic technique called Pepperoni.

The origin of Pizza is in Naples, Italy. Margarita Pizza is a classic in the Neapolitan pizza, with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil leaves and olive oil. It is a little black dress in the pizza.

Chicago-Style Pizza is a thick-bottom pizza from Chicago, also known as deep dish pizza.

The crust cake is thick, so you can put a lot of cheese and tomatoes inside. In fact, it doesn’t look so delicious.

New York Style-pizza is a pizza originating in New York and is now the most popular category in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The diameter of 45cm is generally cut into eight pieces, and the remarkable feature is the cake skin with a chewing head. In the middle of the night, I chose the best choice. Add some garlic powder, add some chili powder, perfect!

Although it is similar to the traditional Napoli pizza, the New York PIZZA is large and full, just like the New Yorkers: neat, practical.
One of New York’s most popular pizza joints, Joe’s Pizza.

The first half of the night is full of people, and the small stores are full of joy.

California-style Pizza California Pizza, featuring topping is generally avant-garde. California, you know.

Common toppings are truffles, Parma ham, and sheep cheese.

Greek pizza Greek pizza is made in a method that is directly baked in a small pot instead of being placed in a fire, so the dough is fluffy and chewy.

Suitable for students who love to eat real.

Bar pizza is extremely thin and tastes super crispy. The cheese covered the whole cake, leaving only a little bit of crispy edges. Very popular in the
bars of the Boston area.

There is also a healthy version of the cauliflower pizza.

The cauliflower is broken, watered, and made into a dough.

The sense of guilt is instantly eliminated.

Pizza also has some relatives.
Pizza, roll it up and put it in the oven.


Pizza, stacked up, put in the oven.


Fried pizza pocket.

Fried small calzone.

Green tea version of pizza. It is square, and the traditional pizza is less than the material and the skin is thinner. Suitable for literary and beautiful parties.

Love pizza, love the childhood memories, college friendship, and struggle years.